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Jamie HazeltonJamie Hazelton
23:02 20 Feb 24
Svilen is a great PT and also experienced in boxing and mixed martial arts which makes all sessions engaging and fun!He has made a positive impact on my fitness, strength, weight loss and sports injury rehab- I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a personal trainer.
Joshua HouseJoshua House
08:08 11 Feb 24
Thoughtful, friendly, engaged - just three of many positive words to describe Svilen. He really cares about helping achieve one’s goals and is incredibly flexible with his programmes around busy working life. He tailors sessions to energy levels on the day and is not the classic ‘boasting’ PT - unless you ask for it! He really understands exercise combinations and muscle groups in a highly scientific, fact - based approach. He has gone above and beyond to provide nutrition and remote based exercise advice. Initially I chose Svilen to help me get up to speed with base fitness, but now see him as a long term fitness partner to sustain a healthy life - thank you, Sir!
Thea NorestThea Norest
13:36 04 Dec 23
Svilen brings such a positive vibe to every workout! I joined to focus on weightlifting, and his tailored training sessions have made a huge difference. They're not just informative but also enjoyable. Thanks to him, I've mastered the right techniques and can also practice them at home!
Laura WellsLaura Wells
18:41 09 Oct 23
I‘ve been using Svilen as my personal trainer for a few months and I’ve been really pleased with the results. Svilen is able to create a workout for me which pushes me but is appropriate for my level. I can now really see the results on my fitness and muscle tone. He is very flexible given my work schedule can change at short notice. The workouts are fun and I can tell he really cares about doing a good workout. Very pleased.
17:39 03 Aug 23
Svilen has really helped me to begin weight training, begin to become stronger and he is very patient and knowledgeable and fun to talk to him, making me look forward to our sessions each week. Highly recommended.
Ann MantzAnn Mantz
17:25 01 Aug 23
Svilen has been my personal trainer for a number of years. He always motivates and challenges me to improve my fitness levels and help me reach my fitness goals. He is very knowledgeable and professional and explains what each exercise is designed to do and its benefits. He tailors my training programme to strengthen and sort out areas of weakness at the same time making each training session fun and varied.I would certainly recommend Svilen to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer.

About Me

My exercise background comes from many years of different sports: throughout my life I’ve competed in track athletics, rugby, football, volleyball, fencing, kickboxing and BJJ. 
I have been into sports from a young age and always enjoyed competing so increasing my competitive advantage became a personal interest. Taking part in all of these sports made me realise they all have different demands on the body so I kept trying a variety of training methods to improve my physical performance, keeping only what has worked for me and discarding everything else.
I started personal training in Guildford because of my passion for exercise and helping others become better versions of themselves. Through my work with various clients I feel how satisfying it is when I get them interested in their own health and fitness. I love it when they tell me how much happier they are feeling, how they have more energy or how they’ve done something they never could do before training with me.


 The 12 week personal training plans will be personalised for your specific goals and individually adjusted to suit any level of fitness, available equipment and your personal preferences. They can be extended for more than 12 weeks.

There will be weekly check ups to review progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Apt Strength And Size focuses on developing muscle mass and strength using a full body approach.

Full body training limits the stress you put on the body and prevents imbalances that can happen by training a muscle group too much. You develop better movement qualities when training the body in its entirety and create more awareness of how the body moves through space resulting in more body control, balance, and stability.

There is a big emphasis on core strength, helping you to develop a strong and solid base. I’ll also include corrective exercises that work to bring balance to the body (imbalances affect everybody). This makes you less likely to get injured, and more likely to experience longevity in your training.



Not suitable for beginners.

Apt Athletic Advantage is perfect for anyone who wants to advance in their sport and become a more powerful, explosive and efficient athlete. 

The main focus is the improvement of force absorption (teaching the athlete how to decelerate and efficiently transfer energy) and force production (teaching the athlete to accelerate and produce maximal force) through the use of tried and tested training methods, such as the French Contrast method and Tri-phasic training, that have proven to be reliable in improving sports performance.

This program is adjusted for off season and on season times using periodisation so you can start becoming a better athlete right now.


Apt Slim Down
And Tone Up

Apt Slim Down And Tone Up will work up a sweat, help you lose body fat and improve your muscle definition.

This training program is perfect for beginners and the more advanced gym goers who are not getting the results they want. 

Each phase comes with a new type of circuit and different, more demanding exercises which can be progressed or regressed depending on your fitness level. 

The circuits will take you through all fundamental movement patterns as well as all planes of motion for a functional, full body workout that will create a fitter, healthier and happier you.





Personal Training

I know how difficult it is to figure out the best way of training for your goal, so if you’re also struggling with that I want to help get you over that hurdle.
I’ve trained complete beginners to more experienced gym goers, from teenagers to older adults so I understand that everyone is different. We will work together to find a way of exercising that gives you lots of enjoyment, fits into your lifestyle and delivers the results you want.
Below are some of my specialist areas:


I am currently in Guildford and accepting bookings in Surrey and online, based on availability.

Standard 1:1 personal training

£45 per session or:

Small group training

£65 per session or:

The above plans include free personal consultation with me.

Svilen's personal training programme has worked wonders for my fitness and general well-being! As a 62 year old male with no previous experience of the gym, I wished to improve my fitness, endurance and strength following surgery.

After 6 months, the difference has surpassed my expectations. Svilen's knowledge, attention to detail in tailoring the programme to my specific needs, and his support have made all the difference. He provides both challenges and encouragement in a friendly manner.

Svilen has been working with me for several months to improve my fitness levels. He has developed exercise programmes for each training session which are fun, challenging and interesting, to help me achieve my fitness goals and keep me motivated.

He is patient, understands my limits and so tailors each session to concentrate on areas of weakness and makes sure I am training correctly. He takes time to explain the reason and benefits of each exercise. I would recommend Svilen to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

Highly recommended! I am pleased with the results of my targeted individual personal training sessions with Svilen.

I've had PT sessions with Svilen for a couple of months now and I'm really pleased with the results. He is always very informative and tailors the workout to my needs.
I love that Svilen is able to adapt my training to target the improvements I need to support the wide variety of other activities I pursue from running and cycling through to many types of dance. He takes care to ensure good technique and builds strength by varying exercises so that improvement is made in manageable increments. My core is stronger, I am evening up my strength on both sides of the body, tension in my shoulders in reducing, I stand and walk taller and my self-confidence has improved. My challenge remains to conquer unassisted pull-ups!

CIMSPA Registered Professional

IAO Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training

IAO Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing

FAA Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work

FAA Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid

Active IQ Award in Adapting Fitness Instruction
for Adolescents

Lifetime Training Group Training & Group Studio
Cycling Instructor

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